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The key to success is influence. Nothing more, nothing less.

~ John Maxwell


The impact your company has within its industry and the world hinges on how it’s influencing all stakeholders. Influence is driven by relationship. Your internal relationships, from top-level executives to hourly sales associates to department managers to even the night staff who maintains your building after hours, affects your organization’s relations and reputation with the external environment. Conversely, your interactions with customers, vendors, potential investors, competitors, and future consumers influence the decisions and actions your company makes internally. The individual make up of your relationships paints a portrait of your organization the whole world will see, interpret, and internalize.

Highlighting the snapshots of relationships that are woven throughout my own personal and professional portrait, I speak about the value of developing a vision and strategies based upon the influence you want to have. I pinpoint the crucial role relationships have in achieving success within your company, industry, and the world.


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