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It’s through our stories we connect with one another and can gain insightful perspective on the events, experiences, and relationships we live through on a daily basis. I share my story with a multitude of audiences from middle school students to non-profit organizations to top-level business executives for the purpose of offering a new posture for change in personal, professional, and community journeys.

My story is anchored in processes and relationships that challenged me to define my identity, how I was living, and how I was impacting the world around me. It was through fresh expectations set by my new relationships that enabled me realize the innate power I had to take responsibility for who I wanted to be and how I was going to live.

No matter who the audience, the message I share is universal: everyone has the choice to harness the intrinsic ability to own who they are and embrace the necessary relationships to live a life of positive impact.




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Churches & Non-Profits