About El

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ldridge “El” John Broussard III is one of today’s most in-demand speakers. His message of intrinsic empowerment leads business professionals and corporate clients to redefine success from an internal perspective and reexamine global visions and impact. Anchored upon this process, El facilitates the creation of key transformative strategies to improve internal and external relations, build a productive team, and increase company profits.

Vibrant, genuine, innovative, and compelling are the hallmarks of El’s presentations. El’s passion springs from a critical backstory of personal evolution, going from a ward of the State of Oregon’s Foster Care system, its juvenile justice system, and ultimately, the Oregon State Correctional System to becoming a respected community and business leader.

Today, El is a dynamic professional who is fervent about spreading his message of intrinsic revision because if you can authentically lead yourself then you can truly lead others. Weaving together his business acumen and personal lessons with unique yet universal self-assessments, El prompts audiences to go beyond surface challenges they may be facing and to dig deep in order to harness the innate power to change.

Whether he’s coaching teens through the Broussard Foundation or powerful leaders within the corporate industry, El teaches his audiences how to be cognitively self-aware—that is to look within themselves to define who they are, question how they are currently living or working, and why. He facilitates the individual’s process of internal discovery by challenging them to change self-perception, take responsibility for who they want to be, and how they are going to impact the world. El sparks self-examination of the why’s behind beliefs, thoughts, decisions, and actions; he encourages people to forge a path anchored in a firm understanding of the intrinsic power they embody to live differently and make profitable imprint on the world.

El’s personal background, business acumen, vibrant style, and commitment to his clients make him the authority on personal and business empowerment.