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  • Leadership

    A certified member of the John Maxwell Team, El is backed with the excellence and resources to help YOU further your goals.

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    Attend one of the events El has scheduled - from seminars and training to webinars and group coaching via Google Hangouts.

  • Turn It On

    Your passion. Your creativity. Your strength. Your career. Your business. Your company. Your life.

  • Find Direction

    Feeling lost? Individualized coaching helps reveal the natural calling for your life or career and helps define which path to take.

Redefining success and setting new expectations based upon core values and influential relationships.

Eldridge “El” Broussard gives audiences at all levels, from teens to high-level corporate executives to government agencies, practical tools to understand their identities, examine pertinent relationships, and evaluate beliefs so they can harness the power they already embody to make transformational change

Use Your FEARS as Fuel for Change

Some fears are necessary boundaries for living a safe life (such as the fear of jumping off a ten-story building); however, most fears can be leveraged to propel you forward towards personal and professional goals. Using the F.E.A.R.S. tool you can determine whether or not your fears are stifling your growth and how you can leverage them as opportunities live more powerfully.самый крутой ноутбук в мирегорящий тур в испанию из киевакакой купить планшет лучшеинтернет магазин аксессуаровнабор кастрюль и сковородокпродвижение интернет сайтовкредит центр инвест батайскмакбук в кредиткредит наличными 50000 рублей